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About Clean Works Blasting

Since we began in 2012, Clean Works Blasting has worked hard to keep our status as the go-to company for mobile surface preparation and paint and graffiti removal. Thanks to our unique combination of water, abrasives, and rust inhibitors we are at the leading edge of environmentally friendly blasting. Our practice is to always follow strict industry guidelines incorporating standards set by the EPA and OSHA. In this way, we ensure every detail of a project is addressed, and the work is exceptional. The more you learn about Clean Works Blasting, the more you will realize we are the company you need.

Responsive and Reliable

We work with a range of individuals, organizations, and businesses for all their cleaning and surface prep tasks. They save time and money and effort by choosing our non-traditional method which works much more efficiently and quickly than regular procedures. Let us handle your HOA violations, renter problems, and property management needs for graffiti and paint removal. Our family owned company employs skilled and experienced technicians who are fully trained and offer friendly and reliable service.


Clean Works Blasting was at my place on Thursday 3 Sept to sandblast my driveway. The job was awesome by the way! Amazing how well it worked and the cost was even better. You guys have a real valuable service and it saved me over $1500.00 from the alternative, which was having the driveway resurfaced. Thanks for the help!" - Ian E. Las Vegas, NV

We are a family-owned company. | Our company is licensed, bonded, and insured.