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in Las Vegas, NV

Clean Works Mobile Media Blasting has been the leading company of media blasting experts in Las Vegas, NV, since 2012. Our growing client base trusts us to remove paint and graffiti more effectively. We are committed to adhering to the EPA and OSHA's environmental standards. Thanks to our unique blasting process, including water, abrasives, and rust inhibitors, we are at the leading edge of environmentally-friendly blasting.

Why Choose Clean Works Mobile Media Blasting?

Our skilled and experienced media blasting experts use only the right amount of abrasive necessary to achieve proper surface preparation. Our experts in dustless blasting also save time by using media particles in a stream to cover more surface in a shorter amount of time than other blasting methods; this means our mobile blasting services are done faster and more effectively.

How It's Done

A surface coating is only as good as the surface to which it is covering/adhering, and the fact is, coatings adhere poorly to hard, flat surfaces. To address this challenge, our media blasting experts develop a pattern of indentations to which a coating can anchor, and this is called an “anchor pattern.” Choosing the right abrasive is key to achieving a coating application that lasts, as the harder the particle, the deeper the profile it will impart. 

Softer abrasives, like organic materials and plastics, are suitable for removing dirt, oil, grease, and paint without damaging the underlying base. Concrete or wood does not require coarse particles, but iron or steel need coarser abrasives to be effective.


Clean Works Mobile Media Blasting was at my place on Thursday 3 Sept to sandblast my driveway. The job was awesome by the way! Amazing how well it worked and the cost was even better. You guys have a really valuable service and it saved me over $1500.00 from the alternative, which was having the driveway resurfaced. Thanks for the help!" - Ian E. Las Vegas, NV

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