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Mobile Media Blasting in Las Vegas, NV

Professional Media Blasting Solutions
in Las Vegas, NV

If you’re tired of looking at an old worn surface that requires renewal, or you have to prep an item for finishing, then you need Clean Works Mobile Media Blasting. Our media blasting solutions in Las Vegas, NV, remove contaminants such as rust or paint to reveal a pristine surface underneath that’s ready for whatever you have in store for it. 

Since some underlying materials can be sensitive to air (especially heat and humidity), you may need to have it blasted and recoated or treated right away. That’s exactly why you need our team. We respond quickly to removing contaminants and other materials from surfaces so they can be prepped and primed in no time. For example, a wall that has been tagged by vandals is one such surface that needs to be cleaned and repainted quickly. We can save you the difficult task of removing the spray paint by hand when we come to you with our mobile graffiti removal unit.

If you have a corroded surface you want to look like new again, then our rust removal service is the answer. We will blast away the corrosion to get down to the bare metal. If you wish, we can also apply a rust inhibitor too while we’re blasting. 

A Safe Service

 The media we use for blasting and paint stripping is made of eco-friendly crushed glass grit, and it does not damage the underlying material. In that way, it’s ready for any further work, such as adding a coat of primer, paint, or sealant. 

Don’t worry about dust or harsh chemicals as we aim to provide environmentally friendly services. We combine our blast media with water to eliminate the risk of raising dust, and we use harmless, non-toxic chemicals when needed.

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